Ecomusicology Info

General description of the field, including an expansive definition from the Oxford dictionary of American Music.


Ecomusicologies 2014

Description of Ecomusics and Ecomusicologies: Dialogues conference held in Asheville, NC in Oct of 2014. Includes conference program and abstracts.


AMS Ecocriticism Study Group (ESG)

The ecomusicology resource page of the American Musicological Society.

SEM Ecomusicology Special Interest Group

The ecomusicology resource page of the Society for Ethnomusicology

American Society for Acoustic Ecology

Important group dedicated to fostering a holistic concept of sound, listening and the environment.


Sustainable Music

Blog of Brown emeritus professor and ecomusicologist, Jeff Todd Titon

The Rest is Noise

Alex Ross’s blog devoted to modern music; includes commentary on environmental music.


Eco Music Camp (and on Facebook) 

Camp that took place in June of 2016.

Wooten Woods Retreat

Camp/retreat held yearly in TN by the great Victor Wooten.


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