This website is the brainchild of jazz pianist, ethnomusicologist and educator William Bares. It was conceived as a sounding-board for research in ecomusicology, with special attention paid to the the emerging jazz-ecology movement.  It puts ecological jazz studies on the (cybernetic) map by serving as a resource and meeting-point for those working in the fledgling field.  it also houses all material for professor Bares’s “Music and Environmental Consciousness” course, taught for the first time in 2012 at UNC Asheville.

A quick guide to noteworthy sections of the site…

  • The “Music-Environment Course” section contains all the links for each section of the 2012 UNCA course.
  • The “Research” section includes a bibliography and other useful tools for ecomusicological scholarship.
  • The “Resources” section contains links to web resources.
  • The “Sights and Sounds” section showcases videos and music relating to eco-jazz.

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