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Why Music Influences Emotion: A Comparison Between Daughter and Marina & the Diamonds

by admin on November 14, 2014

In this article, I will be explaining how music is a direct influence on behaviour and why humans attach themselves to different genres. The comparison is between the artists Daughter; who is a slow, alternative band with a female lead, and Marina & the Diamonds; a pop artist with the lead also being female. I chose to compare these two artists because they are both female, yet the genres in which they sing are completely different.

While doing research on the subject of emotion and music, I stumbled upon a website which pinpoints and targets specific areas of the brain and how music takes part. For example, music improves social-emotional and behavioral skills by providing “a non-threatening and structured environment in which individuals have the opportunity to develop identification and appropriate expression of their emotions.” I think this is why people find so much solace in music because finding artists that you relate to through lyrics is a big part in discovering and expressing oneself. Through looking further at two artists with different genres, I will portray how different emotions can still make someone an individual and help guide someone along a difficult situation or improve an already good one.

Daughter’s lyrics tend to lean towards broken relationships and heartache (I will attach an example here; the name of the song is Smother). This song is about the singer’s fear to over-attach to their lover. The reason their songs have a morose and melancholy feeling to it is mostly due to their use of instruments, such as piano and droning guitar sounds sometimes created by using a violin bow on the strings, and the way the singer sadly flows from one song to another with minimal variations in instruments and volume intensity. Through the use of these gloomy instruments and singing styles, the band can easily identify and transport the listener to a time of sadness. It is necessary to have a few sad artists to listen to when you feel upset and need reassurance.

On another side of the genre spectrum, we have the artist Marina & the Diamonds. Marina is a female pop artist that generally sings and composes songs with regards to embracing your confidence and letting go. (Example: Froot, her latest single) Of course, a pop artist has to have a few slow songs about heartbreak and pain, but most of her songs have an upbeat, electronic quality to them. It definitely helps that her voice is so beautiful and bright to compliment the pop tracks she sings over. The emotion her music brings is often jolly and excited. Her music is what you play before going out or generally when being in a good mood. It is also a necessary thing to have music that makes you want to get up and move around because, without it, no one would have a fun soundtrack to enjoy life’s opportunities.

Through music, many people have an anchor and something to rely on. One of those people is me. If music isn’t present, then the occasion is dulled by silence and a lack of something that many cannot quite pinpoint. Emotion is deeply tied to music, whether it be because of life’s greatest difficulties, or because everyone is ready to have a good time. Humans need music to survive and connect themselves to their culture and surroundings. Imagine a life without any sort of music, no commercial tunes, no radio stations, and no music sharing sites. I can’t imagine it either, and we should never have to be forced to live without the sounds of music.

by Morgan Gosserand

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